Missing Show Dog last seen in Bakersfield, reward offered

Fierce, a Japanese Shin, ran away from a courier in Bakersfield on Monday, January 7th.

A Porterville family is now desperate for the return of its dog.

What sets this one apart: it's a show dog, that was set to compete at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show next month.

"It's been a nightmare. It's been a nightmare," says Dean Schieler, gripping one of 1,000 flyers he has handed out in the past couple of days.

The four-year-old Japanese Chin is formally named "Grand Champion Royal Silk's Next Top Model."

But she was more commonly known as Fierce.

"She's just that golden child," says Gutierrez, who along with Schieler owns more than ten other dogs. "She's my once in a lifetime type of dog. She's like our child, our kid, that's how much she means to me. She's our baby."

Fierce took top honors at the Japanese Chin Club of America's National championships.

And, she had qualified for February's Westminster Dog Show.

"For you to take that win, it's phenomenal," says Gutierrez.

Fierce was being sent to a handler in Ohio for final preparations and training for the competition.

A courier was handling Fierce, and stopped in Bakersfield to let her go to the bathroom.

That's when she ran away.

"It was like a worst nightmare. It's the phone call no parent ever want to hear," says Gutierrez. "She is like our child."

Fierce ran away in the area of Norris and Knutsen in Bakersfield.

Sunday, a search and rescue team was brought in to look for her, too.

"They were able to pick up on her scent near the Summerhill Apartments," Schieler said.

Fierce was last spotted in the area on Friday.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for her return, no questions asked.

"Please, let her come home. We just her back. We miss our baby," Gutierrez said.

Anyone with information is urged to call 559-359-2807.

Gutierrez and Schieler hope that if Fierce is found, she can still compete at Westminster.

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