Missile parts found in Kings County canal near NAS Lemoore

Kings County Sheriff's Dive Team recovered 16 parts belonging to a LAU-7 Missile. NAS Lemoore says there is no proof the parts came from its aircraft. It is tracking any serial numbers to find out how they got there.

Naval Air Station Lemoore is now trying to figure out how missile parts wound up in a canal, just off base.

An irrigation worker made the discovery Monday, and contacted the Kings County Sheriff’s Department.

Its dive team recovered 16 LAU-7 missile delivery parts.

It tells Fox26 news the parts are inert-- meaning non-explosive.

NAS Lemoore tells Fox26 News it has taken position of the canisters.

These help launch various aircraft missiles.

“These parts have not been used on any aircraft used at NAS Lemoore in many years,” says Lydia Bock, Public Affairs Officer for NAS Lemoore. “They are off of the old F/A 18 Hornet Jet Fighters, or Legacy aircraft. NASL currently flies the Super Hornets.”

Bock says at this point, there is no proof the missile parts came from NAS Lemoore.

The units should have serial numbers to track where they came from and, possibly, how they wound up in the canal.

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