Many upset over alleged unkempt cemetery in Coalinga

Sherry Piepkorn pictures after visiting in-laws grave site.

Some people in Coalinga say they're pretty upset about a messy, run-down cemetery. Many with loved ones and friends buried there say it’s a mess when they visit and they want answers. Fox 26 your hometown news connection spoke with a woman who says something has to be done before it gets worst.

Sherry Piepkorn recently went to visit her in-laws grave site at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Coalinga.

"I have a lot of friends here who I miss a lot and a mother-in-law who, two years ago died. I come here to visit and talk to them, “said Piepkorn.

She says it was tough time visiting the grave-site because dust and debris was everywhere. The area had battling the effects of a drought but she says that's not a good reason for the lack of landscaping.

“I see gopher holes, a lot of branches and weeds,” said Piepkorn.

The more than 500,000-acre cemetery grounds is now mostly dead grass. As she walked across the site she addressed many more issues. “You can see it hasn't been trimmed or edged, or weeded in quite a while,” said Piepkorn.

She said at one time the cemetery looked inviting but recently seems to have gone down.

“It's not well maintained and it is sad. You come out here to visit your friends and relatives and it is not a happy place," said Piepkorn.

Many others with loved ones buried here share her feelings. Her pictures and video on Facebook caught the attention of several others who say that the cemetery is poorly maintained and that they've reached out to the Coalinga-Huron Cemetery District Board of Trustees for help.

"It's like they're not seeing what it looks like. I don't know what the answer is. I have talked to a few of them. A lot of people have come out here and talked to them and they don't get anywhere,” said Piepkorn.

Fox 26 is waiting on a response from the Pleasant Valley Cemetery about poor maintenance allegations.

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