Man stays behind to save house from Mission Fire

Flames approach a house on Mission Drive. (Brooke Coleman)

As the Mission Fire continues to burn, one woman says she knows her house is still standing because her husband stayed behind to protect it.

Brook Coleman says they were evacuated on Sunday from their home on Mission Drive. She left, but her husband and in-laws chose to stay and keep things safe.

"They just went in with McLeods and they dug fire line. They had chainsaws, and cut down trees and stuff that would have maybe been close to catch the house," says Coleman.

According to Coleman, her family helped save four different houses in that area, and a number of structures.

The Mission Fire has already destroyed 4 structures, and damaged four others.

It is burning at 1,025 acres, and is 15% contained.

Crews say there are still 250 structures threatened.

Douglas Station Road at 225, Rainbow Drive at 225, Cascadel Drive at 225, and California Vipassana Center 58503 Rd at 225 all remain closed tonight.

Evacuees can shelter at Oakhurst Community Center at 39800 Fresno Flats Road.

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