Missing man found dead after motorcycle crash

The body of a man who was missing for more than a week has now been found.

It happened Wednesday around 1:30 p.m. on eastbound State Route 180 east of Brawley Avenue in Fresno.

According to CHP, a man called because he needed car help. The man also saw a motorcycle and a body down the embankment where his car had become disabled.

Preliminary investigation shows that the motorcyclist was traveling westbound on Whitesbridge Avenue approaching the end of the cul-de-sac at an unknown speed. The motorcyclist failed to observe the marked road end at SR180.

The motorcycle then traveled through the wooden guardrail and came to a rest in the brush.

Family members think 29-year-old Alex Madrigal may have been lost on his way to St. Peter's Cemetery on December 27th.

"It's not uncommon for him to go clear his head," says Deidra Smith, Madrigal's girlfriend.

The two also have a son, one-year-old Clay Alejandro.

Smith says she grew worried after Madrigal did not return the night of December 27th-- or the following day.

She called police.

Flyers were passed out.

Madrigal's mother returned from Mexico, after being gone for three years.

"The first time I talked to her, I had to let her know he was missing," Smith says. "The whole time I was hoping he would call me and say 'I'm fine, stop making a big fuss.'"

Days went by.

Smith struggled.

"I look at the closet and I see all his clothes in there and I realize that... I kept looking the past couple of weeks to see if his shirts were missing. Did he come back? Did he take a toothbrush. I still have everything out. His sweatshirts are still where he left them," she says.

She received the news Madrigal's body was found Wednesday.

"I expected growing a life, raising all of our kids together. It's not gonna happen like that," Smith said.

Madrigal also leaves behind two daughters.

If you'd like to donate to the family, CLICK HERE.

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