Madera trucker drives around chaos on the way to Jacksonville

Madera trucker drives around chaos in Florida.

Safety a big concern for drivers as tropical storm Michael hit some major highways. State officials shut them down forcing thousands of travelers to reroute.

A Madera truck driver, Gagandeep Narwal was on his way to Jacksonville, Florida to deliver strawberries. Narwal and other drivers are running into several issues along the way.

Narwal sent his family video of the rain, debris and 18-wheeler's toppled over.

When he arrived to Defuniak, Florida Interstate 10 was shut down. He says he was forced to take side roads and single lane highways, where he says he also ran into downed trees, debris and broken electricity poles with power lines dangling.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation a 80 mile stretch of I-10 was closed by the extremely hazardous conditions.

The I-10 was reopened to day after it was shut down to clear debris from the tropical storm.

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