Madera police hand out gift cards instead of traffic tickets

Camarena Health hands out more than $1000 in gift cards

A few drivers breaking the law in Madera got a free pass Thursday morning. They got gift cards instead of traffic tickets.

Diana Doubts wasn't wearing her seat belt when Sgt. Felix Gonzalez pulled her over. He issued her a warning and then asked Diana about her holiday plans.

"Plans what plans? I live out of a pickup truck." The homeless woman and her two dogs received gift cards totaling $125. Doubts was happy for not being cited and excited to receive the cards.

The gift cards were courtesy of Camarena Health. In two hours Sgt. Gonzales stopped four drivers and a pedestrian. Those stops started with shock and disappointment and ended with smiles and hugs.

Next week Camarena Health plans to ride with Madera County Sheriff's deputies and hand out more gift cards to unsuspecting drivers.

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