Madera county inmates get tablets. Employees say it's great!

Madera County inmates use computer tablets for rehabilitation program

Once you give someone a tablet like they're usually quiet and focused, and that's exactly the kind of positive change that employees and inmates say is happening at the Madera county jail.

Sergeant Chris Rodriguez said, "Inmates usually do their time by doing push-ups, reading books, writing letters, at this point now it's a totally different jail."

A kind of jail, Sergeant Chris Rodriguez hopes the inmates won't revisit once they are out.

The tablet program offers classes to help well behaved inmates get their GED, get some work certifications, and other rehabilitating opportunities.

Chenaut Taylor, part of the education program providing the tablets said, "A lot of the more popular are more therapeutic things like parenting while incarcerated, changing for the future, and other things designed to help you set goals and help you make changes while both inside the facility and once returning to your community."

Sergeant Rodriguez says the tablet program, paid for by Madera county, is not only helping to make the inmates better people once they're released, it's also helping them be better on the inside as well.

"With less altercations in the jail, I think that's a positive thing. At the same time we're providing positive content. For these guys to improve their lives for them to stay out of custody and improve their lives once they get out."

Jail employees say prisoners cannot use the internet on the tablets. They're only able to use them through a secured system inside the prison.

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