Lucy Xiong's family tries to cope with loss

Family and friends gather at a memorial at the site Lucy's body was pulled from the canal

Not an accident.

That's what a heart-broken Fresno father is now saying after police confirmed Monday, the body found in a canal over the weekend is his daughter, Lucy Xiong.

"I miss you," Kor Xiong, Lucy's father said. "If you see me, I pray you come to me in my dreams and tell me where you are so I won't worry about you anymore my daughter, my daughter Lucy," Xiong said.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the coroner's office confirmed Xiong's body was the body pulled out of the canal near Van Ness and Olive on Saturday.

Xiong was reported missing on July 28, after police said she ran off when she and her mother got into an argument when she came home after drinking. Police say Xiong called her boyfriend, who said she yelled, "Oh, (expletive)!" before screaming and the phone then dropping.

The search has been on since.

But while police said this is an accident, Lucy's father said he thinks there's more to it.

Xiong joined a group of Lucy's family and friends Monday evening at the location where her body was found.

Xiong said a detective knocked on his door Monday afternoon to confirm the news they had feared.

But this is no closure for him.

"There has to be someone mean-spirited, bad, that didn't want her to live and that's why they killed my child," Xiong said.

How did it happen?

Did crooks really just find her purse near the canal?

Where is Lucy's phone?

"Those are some of the answers to questions that we may never have," Dyer said.

Dyer said detectives and several agencies have done what they can with what they have in this case, for now.

"Just as it is with any death that's unattended, where there are no witnesses present, where there's no physical evidence that would suggest that there was foul play involved, we have a case that appears to be accidental," Dyer said.

Not what can soothe the aching heart of a father, who said he wants to know what happened in the final moments of his oldest daughter's life.

"Now that she's gone, I wish she was still here," Xiong said. "Nothing can compare to her," she said.

Dyer said they are closer to getting answers about who is using Lucy's debit and credit cards. He said they will arrest a woman later this week who used Xiong's cards, then traded them for property. Dyer said she has had previous run-ins with the law for using other people's information. He said at this point, she is not a suspect. She told police she found Lucy's purse close to the canal.

Dyer said they are also getting closer to tracking down a few more people who also used Xiong's cards.

The family said they're trying to figure out where to set-up Lucy's funeral, but cost is a problem. They said they don't have a location in mind quite yet.

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