Local woman helps break world skydive record

Participants break the world record at Fly Girls in Sebastian, FL, USA, on 9 February, 2018. (Courtesy of Donagene Jones)

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day meant to recognize the cultural, political, social, and economic achievements of women around the world.

FOX26 would also like to recognize this amazing skydiving accomplishment by a group of special women, including one from Clovis.

Donagene Jones was one of 26 women involved in making a world record jump at the Fly Girls event in Sebastian, FL, on February 9th celebrating the strength of women.

"You get the butterflies every time you're in the plane. But you mentally visualize what had to be done. Every girl had their job. Every woman went out and we got to our spots, and we did it. In one time. They call it one and done," says Jones.

Donagene and the rest of the all-female Red Bull team set the Sequential Vertical World Record!

This was the first time a group of women has ever done a sequential vertical jump.

"You hope you get it done in the sky. And of all the world records I have and numerous state records. I have never gone up and done it on the first try," says Jones.

Donagene said the weather was not cooperating that day but they were still able to complete the record on their first attempt... ONE AND DONE!

"You look at these women, and some of them are mothers. Some of them are full time professionals. Some are ER doctors, or whatever their doing in their life, and you just think that it all comes together," says Jones.

Congratulations to Donagene Jone of Clovis and the rest of the Red Bull team.

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