Little girl writes adorable letter to Visalia Police



After several days searching for a little girl who wrote an adorable letter to the Visalia Police, the Department finally found her!

7-year-old Leila Zadsalamat got to tour the Police Department. The officers even chipped in to get her a Build-A-Bear dressed as a policeman.

"I feel like this is such an awesome life lesson for her, to know that she did it just to be kind, just out of the goodness of her heart, with no expectation of anything in return," said Alona Wasilchuk, Leila's mother.

Leila says she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. She'd considered being a singer, but says police officers are more important to her.

"They like to protect people, and I like to protect people too. And it's really fun for me, because sometimes when we play, me and my sister play 'Somebody's gonna get us' so I protect her," explained Leila.

"She'll forever remember this, for the rest of her life. It's so cool for Visalia PD to put such an impression on a little girl," exclaimed Wasilchuk.

Chief Salazar says it was an honor to meet Leila, and she'll be more than welcome on the force.


The Visalia Police Department is asking for help from the public, but not to catch a criminal. Instead, police are after a little girl who warmed their hearts.

The letter came in an envelope with a child's scrawl in pink across the front.

FOX26 sat with Visalia Police Chief Jason Salazar as he held an envelope with a child’s scrawl in pink pen across the front.

"I love you Visalia Police Department, I really hope you like this letter,” read Chief Salazar.

The letter is dated August 20th, but it took a while to make it to the chief's desk.

The moment he saw that charming pink writing, he knew he was holding something special.

The Chief read the letter aloud: "Dear police officers, thank you for protecting us. I thank God that he has made police officers. I love you, police officers. You are so important to me. Love, Leila."

Now, Chief Jason Salazar is hoping to find Leila so he can thank her personally.

"We have a lot of great support in this community, and I seriously think it's gonna come on us to return that as well through the service that we provide, especially when it comes to our youth,” said Chief Salazar.

The police department also posted about the letter on Facebook, asking for help finding Leila, and were met with several comments remarking on how sweet this little girl is, telling Visalia P.D. "Way to go!"

"I remember as a kid, when you looked up to somebody, when that was reciprocated, that meant a lot to you, and really helped build your dreams and drive you towards your goals, and we want to be able to do the same for her,” said the Police Chief.

The police department is not quite used to this particular type of detective work, so if you know Leila, reach out and let them know. You can contact Rebekah Jones, Visalia’s Community Outreach Coordinator, at 559-713-4370.

Note: "Visalia" was spelled incorrectly throughout the original article. Edits were made on 09/14/18 to correct.

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