Dark restroom lighting at Fresno Park

Dark restroom lighting at Fresno Park

Fresno, Calif. (FOX26) -- It’s busy at Victoria West Community Park. Enjoying all it has to offer it’s not unusual for people to take an occasional restroom break. There are two public restrooms at the park. One with lights and the one near the soccer fields without lighting. Some people are now questioning if it’s a safety concern.

“I don’t feel safe. A public park is a place where families should feel comfortable and safe. The last place that should not have light is a restroom,” said Preston Moore.

People there say that light has been out at that location for the past couple of months. Adrianna Espinoza, mother of a 4-year-old said she tries to avoid going inside at night unless her husband is with her.

“I didn’t feel safe to go in there knowing that I was by myself just with my little girl. I didn’t know if there was anyone hiding. Or if while I was in there will someone close the door on us. That’s why the last time we went home but this time since my husband was standing outside of the door waiting for us,” said Espinoza.

Even then she says she’s put at an inconvenience.

“I had to use my phone light so I can show here where the toilet seat was. Light up space so she can use the restroom,” said Espinoza..

The City of Fresno says that there is a service report that's been made and someone will be looking into the issue.

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