Legendary "triple-ace" pilot visits Fresno

Courtesy: Tim Sowell Aviation & Event Photography

History buffs and aviation fans are now on cloud nine after meeting a World War Two hero.

Colonel Bud Anderson flew into Fresno as a passenger-- but he's most at home in the cockpit.

He flew 116 combat missions without a hit-- and is the last living triple-ace from World War Two.

He's credited with 16 1/4 aerial victories.

A crowd waved American flags as he stepped out of a classic ride Saturday afternoon at Sierra Sky Park.

"Oh my gosh this particular thing in Fresno is awesome," he syas. "We fly over here in a vintage, classic old airplane. Having these people wait for me!"

Anderson came to Fresno at the invite of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

"There were a lot of pilots who lost their lives in world war two and he survived and he was an ace doing that," says Jim Shamp.

Anderson met with the crowd, and signed books that flew off the shelves.

While Saturday's visit was memorable, he says one of his favorite memories of all-time was being chased by German planes while escorting a plane.

"We turned the tables on them and shot down three of them. That was a pretty special day," Anderson said.

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