Hundreds to camp with the cows Saturday at a Fresno County dairy

Hundreds to camp with the cows Saturday at a Fresno County dairy (Photo courtesy of Organic Pastures)

This Saturday a dairy in western Fresno County will welcome more than 600 people to its annual "camping with the cows" event. It's been a hit at Organic Pastures for the past five years.

Mark McAfee is CEO and founder of the dairy. "People love to spend thousands of dollars to pet dolphins but there's really those people who like to see a cow." The dairy has more than 550 cows and it produces organic milk.

Marcy Oliver who is in charge of promoting the event says it started as a customer appreciation weekend. "We wanted them to come out and experience the beauty that's in the farm. The Central Valley has a lot of gorgeous beautiful farm land. We have something special here at Organic Pastures and we want them to experience what we see everyday."

There will be milk chugging contests for women, men and children, sack races, a kid train plus a chance to watch the cows in action at the new milk barn. "Appreciate the relationships with the earth, cows, pastures, the farmer and kind of come more whole together with the food chain."

Besides cuddling with the cows, McAfee says it's also a chance to show people who drink raw milk that it comes from a cow and not a supermarket store shelf. All tickets for camping with the cows have been sold. But Organic Pastures says there will be a few available on Saturday.

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