How to train your dog before the holidays

    Train your dog not to jump on people before the holidays

    Its the season for families to start planning holiday get-togethers, but how does your dog act around other people.... Good or bad?

    Aly DelaCoeur trains dogs for a living and has a website called "Why Does My Dog" to teach people how to train their pets with positivity.

    DelaCoeur said, "They do have a lot of instincts like chewing digging barking, marking. so many behaviors that want to suppress but come very natural to them."

    DelaCoeur says if you have a dog that jumps don't scold them for jumping. Simply ignore them and then praise them when they stay on the ground.

    DelaCoeur said, "It just reinforces that she only gets attention when there's all four feet are on the ground."

    DelaCoeur says if you want your dog be on it's best behavior in time for the holidays, you need to start working with it now.

    DelaCoeur said, "We reward the wanted behavior and we ignore and redirect the unwanted behavior."

    If you want more tips on training your dog. Check out Why Does My Dog for answers.

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