Explosion at Madera home caused by honey oil lab, police say

    Honey Oil Lab explodes inside Madera Home (Photo Madera PD)

    Madera police officers, EMS and fire personnel responded to a home in the area of Vineyard and Sunrise Avenues regarding a man with burns to his arms and face.

    When officer’s arrived they say they discovered evidence that a honey oil lab had exploded in the home.

    There was a significant amount of damage done to the house, both the kitchen and bathroom walls were blown out nearly a foot from the foundation.

    The male suspect was transported to a Fresno hospital for treatment of his burns.

    The process of making honey oil is extremely dangerous.

    One of the materials that can be used in this process is butane gas, which can linger in small spaces and is highly flammable.

    A sign that a honey oil lab may be occurring in your neighborhood could include subjects bringing in numerous cans or boxes of butane gas.

    If you suspect a honey oil lab operating in your neighborhood, please contact the Madera Police Department at 559-675-4220. NW3512

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