Feces and trash at West Fresno Boys and Girls Club

Human feces left outside of the Boys and Girls Club in West Fresno.

It's supposed to be a safe place where kids go in West Fresno but lately, someone is making it dangerous for kids to go to the Boys and Girls Club.

Staff at the West Fresno Boys and Girls Club say that the City of Fresno's homeless is now leaving a mess. The staff is now having to check perimeter the building to clean up. Unit Director, Maria Garcia found a make-shift bonfire at the front entrance of the West Fresno's Boys and Girls Club.

Garcia says she thinks it's homeless leaving potentially hazardous items around their building for her and staff pick-up.

"There was trash, perception pills and cigarettes just things that we don't want to expose to the kids," said Garcia.

Even worse human feces were also left behind.

Garcia says it all began two weeks ago.

"There was a little garden fence. They took that whole thing; each side is missing," said Garcia.

She thinks after closing hours people show up at night and campout.

"This actually was in the front of the club," said Garcia pointing at a large piece of furniture. "We are trying to move stuff and get it to the trash. They are leaving furniture, feces on the walls, and then there is left over paper that was caught on fire," said Garcia.

Which is unacceptable, Garcia says that people are treating a place where they help kids like a dumping ground.

"It makes me feel like people are not appreciating it. It is a youth center and we want it to be safe. We want the kids to come and feel welcome and their parents and their family," said Garcia.

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