Hit-and-run crash kills two, search now under way for driver, dog

It has been an agonizing couple of days for Ashlyn Reed.

“I was just trying to help..." she says.

She lost friends.

And peace of mind.

"All I can think is what if,” Reed says. “I could have stopped at a store, I could have been in a different lane."

Reed was driving her Subaru SUV Southbound on Highway 99, near Visalia.

Another driver side-swiped her, and caused her to lose control.

She swerved to avoid the median.

Her Subaru rolled over a number of times.

Once it stopped, she realized two of her friends passed away.

California Highway Patrol officers say they had not been wearing seat belts and were ejected.

Michelle Roberts and Matthew Shipley were both originally from Tennessee.

Shipley had recently moved to Woodlake.

"He was so happy with everything, he loved California,” Reed says. “He was so happy to be out here experiencing everything. Everything was so new and bright to him. He loved it."

Reed and three others survived the crash, along with two dogs.

They were just ten minutes from their hotel in Tulare.

The CHP reports the vehicle that hit them also hit another car and kept going.

It’s likely green SUV, either a Chevrolet or GMC.

"The car just left. Like no one even, no one ever said. No one stopped to check on us,” Reed says. “They took paint samples off my car. They will be smashed on driver’s side, back driver’s side."

But that’s not the only search under way.

There’s a third dog that’s missing.

A Heeler, named “Blue” belongs to Shipley’s brother.

He had been caring for it, waiting for his brother to join him from Tennessee.

"They've lost everything. It's the least I could do to find Blue for them. I need to find him. I have to. I won't be able to rest until I do,” Reed says.

She has notified area animal shelters.

If you see him, you are urged to call the nearest shelter.

They have Blue’s contact information.

Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe account to help cover expenses of returning Roberts and Shipley to Tennessee for funeral services.

Click here to help.

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