Historic war bird in Atwater needs a major makeover due to Valley weather

Castle Air Museum desperately wants to build a huge hangar

The historic war birds at Castle Air Museum in Atwater are taking a beating from the weather.

The museum desperately wants to build a massive hangar to preserve its planes.

The F-102 Delta Dagger is a piece of Air Force history that used to patrol the sky in the cold war era back in the 1950's.

Joe Pruzzo is the CEO at the museum. "So you had some air to air missiles in there and they also had a a missile that they

could carry called the genie and the genie was a longer range rocket." Seventy years later the Delta Dagger is one of dozens

of planes on display at Castle Air Museum.

Now it's in the shop for a major makeover. "This is the effects of weather on the

aircraft when they're on display outdoors. This particular plane has been on display on the museum grounds for about twelve years."

The Delta Dagger is one of the museum's 70 planes that need restoring every few years due to the heat and rain. The museum

has unveiled a project to create a four acre hangar to house the planes and get them out of the weather.

"Magnesium was a metal that was used a lot in the 50's because it was strong and lighter weight than aluminum. But in a military

industrial complex the airplanes aren't made to live 60 or 70 years." The plane will need a fresh coat of paint and the markings on the side

will be painted on instead of using decals . Restoration it seems is a way of life until the hangar is built. The museum is hoping to find donors

willing to write big checks to preserve history. If you would like to donate to Castle Air Museum here is the link.

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