Highway City hit hard by high-speed rail construction

Aerial shot of Highway City. (FOX26)

High-speed rail construction is still plugging away along the 99 and there are still headaches for one small community that's just a stone's throw away.

Just about every half-hour a train rolls through Northwest Fresno near Herndon and Golden State. But now, that neighborhood is butted up right next to the construction happening for California high-speed rail.

Yolanda Silva and her neighbor's homes sit just a few yards away. Silva and some others have been less than enthusiastic about construction.

"I saw the great big beams, they had to bring them. They came in from 2:00 in the morning to 3:30 in the morning. Every bodies dog on the block went crazy. We had to get used to that," said Silva.

According to high-speed rail, the small community is one of the more active sites. In Madera and Fresno, there are 19 construction sites and spokeswoman Toni Tinoco, the high-speed rail tries it's best to work with neighbors. The work is typically done during the day but that can vary.

"Before we do any construction work we want to make residents, the neighborhoods and other businesses nearby understand what our schedule is like," said Tinoco.

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