Handicapped homeowner killed in Hanford house fire

(Video courtesy of Billy Ray Carter)

Kings County fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fatal house fire on Jones Street in Hanford.

The Kings County Fire Department was called to the home at approximately 9:30 Tuesday morning.

When fire crews got to the home, it was already fully engulfed with flames reaching upwards of 25 feet in the air.

Kings County fire crews were assisted by the Hanford Fire Department.

Fire crews were able to stop the fire from spreading to other nearby structures and had the fire completely out in about two hours.

Once it was safe to go inside the structure, fire crews discovered the remains of the handicapped home owner, who was later identified as 59-year-old Shelia Montgomery.

Fire officials spent about four hours investigating the scene in an effort to determine the cause of the fire, which is still under investigation.

If you have any information regarding the fire you are asked to call the Kings County Sheriff's Office at (559) 852-2720, or the Kings County Fire Department at (559) 852-2881.

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