Grizzly Fest traffic ahead weekend; parking do's and don'ts

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It's busy now but just wait until Friday. Drivers exiting the 41 on Friant North know how it can get backed up. City Communications Director Mark Standriff says it will put signs up to remind drivers to try to find another way over the next couple of days.

"There is a lot of activity going on so that's why you probably want to get off either South off Avenue 12 or maybe try to find away from Herndon or Bullard before you get up to Friant heading North on 41," said Standriff.

The city says if you can't, your best bet is to leave early for parking.

"We are trying to direct parking to the corner of Fort-Washington and Friant. That will be the entrance for Grizzly Fest. If you're getting inside to park there is plenty of parking there and for whatever reason we need overflow we will go to the shopping center across the street. There is an office in the back were we can put over flow parking," said Standriff.

There is a parking entry fee and only cash will be accepted. Standriff says parking space is very limited and the city is asking people not to park in the surrounding neighborhoods. He says officers will be out making sure you don't park in nearby neighborhoods.

"We're not only going to have security but Fresno Police is patrolling those neighborhoods and there will be signs out there saying no parking. Hopefully everybody will get the message," said Standriff.

He says you may want to take a chance on someone picking you up. The city is running what it calls "Fax to Fest", which is a shuttle bus. You can park downtown after six for free and hop on from Tioga Sequoia. You can also ride from Manchester center or Fresno state. It's a $1.25 each way and you'll get dropped off next to the park at Audubon and Friant.

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