Grandmother pleas for stolen service dog to be returned

Picture of Buster provided by family members.

A Fresno family is now asking for the public’s help to find its service dog.

Virginia Muniz says her grandson's service dog was stolen at the park. She says Buster, the service dog has been her grandson's constant companion and only comfort as he deals with a medical condition.

"He would have had to increase the amount of medication and he would be more lethargic not really about to concentrate on his work. "He is close to my grandson close to him so he can feel his moods in case he is starting to get stressed out," said Muniz.

She says when away from his duties. Muniz says it was a common practice for Buster to go to the Victoria West Community Park with her husband but last Thursday she says, something went terribly wrong.

"They were headed home. My husband stopped in the men's restroom and left Buster in the car. By the time he came out which was less than a minute somebody told him two guys had taken Buster from his truck," said Muniz.

After that, she says they immediately reported Buster missing to the police. They have also posted flyers in the park and neighborhoods to get him back. Now grieving for her and her grandson's loss hope is now the only thing Muniz says she has left.

"Just return our little Buster to us that's all,” said Muniz.

The family says it is offering a reward for the return of Buster. Please contact them at 559-412-1396. If you have additional information you can also call SPCA Central California 559-233-7722.

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