Girl sells hog for Merced Officer battling brain cancer

Kayleigh Trindade with her hog at the Merced County Fair.

A Merced officer is now hoping to beat cancer twice with the help of a little girl and her hog.

Kayleigh Trindade, a member of the Snelling 4-H club, showed off her 238lbs hog, "Coconut', at the Merced County Fair's Junior Livestock Auction.

After months of caring for the hog, 11-year-old Kayleigh decided to donate all the money she raised to help Merced Police Detective Joseph Henderson.

Henderson is battling brain cancer for the second time. He was first diagnosed in 2009.

"We met him in the parking lot by the livestock area. We took pictures, we walked around and got milkshakes and stuff. Then we came back and watched the auction and I sold my piggy", said Trindade.

Pound after pound, the auctioneer called numbers and the donations kept rolling in, eventually reaching up to $37,000.

"It was hard to watch her cry as she was walking. I wish I was with her," said Detective Joseph Henderson.

Henderson is now undergoing treatment to send electric shocks to the brain to get rid of his tumor.

Kayleigh says her decision to give to a stranger in need, was easy.

"Just follow your heart," said Trindade.

"It is amazing. People who don't even know you, she loved her pig, I mean hog, so much. To give is an amazing thing," said Henderson.

Detective Henderson has a GoFundMe account. Click here if you would like to help.

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