Gas thieves drive SUV off of Coalinga Cliff while attempting to get away

    Gas thieves drive SUV off of Coalinga Cliff while attempting to get away

    On Sunday at around 1:53 am, police were called out to the area of Janay Court and San Benito Street in Coalinga.

    A concerned citizen called in and told officers that that there were two men underneath a car and were in the middle of stealing the gas from it when they were spotted.

    The two men then got into a white SUV and drove away from the area while the citizen followed them until police could arrive.

    The citizen was on the phone with dispatch when the SUV went off of the road and disappeared over an embankment and into the Arroyo Pasajero Creek.

    Officers arrived about a minute after the SUV had crashed and noticed that the SUV went off the right side of the roadway, through a barbed wire fence and traveled 60-feet through a field and over a 40-foot embankment into the creek down below.

    Because of the angle and degree of the drop off and unknown level of the creek, police personnel were unable to get to get the men out of the vehicle.

    The Coalinga Fire Department along with the Fresno County Fire & Rescue were able to get both men out of the vehicle after nearly 3 hours.

    The driver’s identity is unconfirmed at this time as he provided various names.

    The passenger was identified as a 15-year-old male juvenile and a Coalinga resident.

    Both occupants received severe to major injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

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