Fresno woman determined to recover husband's body in Wishon Reservoir

Courtesy: Diana Box

Randy Box died saving his wife and three dogs. The Fresno County Sheriff's dive team spent a week searching for his body in Wishon Reservoir. Now the Box family is turning to a Wisconsin volunteer group that specializes in search and recovery.

Box was an outdoorsman who loved camping, fishing and hiking. On September 8th, he and his wife Diana decided to sneak away with their dogs and enjoy fishing on Wishon Reservoir. Their daughter Ashley says they had an accident late in the day.

"The boat capsized. They were able to stay afloat for a little while but my Dad basically drowned saving my Mom and three dogs."

The Fresno County Sheriff's dive team couldn't find Randy's body so it asked for help. "They brought in Tulare County, they brought in Stanislaus County because they have better sonars to assist them and they were unable to recover him."

Wishon Reservoir is up to 100 feet deep, freezing cold water and has many large rocks and crevices below. The Box family is determined to find him so they are seeking help from Bruce's Legacy of Wisconsin. It's a volunteer group that specializes in search and rescue.

"Just the conditions up there, we're just hoping his efforts can help us and give us some closure that we need and to bring my Dad home and lay him to rest like he deserves."

Time is growing short. Ashley Box says after the first snow, recovery will be nearly impossible.

"So we're just really urgent to get any and all resources and exhausted at this point to bring my Dad home."

The search and recovery team out of Wisconsin doesn't charge for its services. However, it does need help with travel expenses.

If you would like to donate here is the link:

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