Fresno woman applies for job, interviews twice, then is asked for money in a scam

Alleged interviewer asks for gift card as part of interview process.

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) -- A Fresno woman was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a job posting and went through two interviews before she was asked for money in a scam.

“As far as they went to tell you all the benefits and you know everything you have to do, explaining what the job is you know, it seemed legit,” said Patricia Sepulveda.

Like Sepulveda explains, this job scam was both elaborate and convincing.

First someone named Amanda Perez posts a data entry job for a company called Parexel Biopharmaceutical.

Sepulveda thought it was a great opportunity since she’s a stay at home mom.

“Yeah I have a little one I can be home with my kid and I can do this job,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda says Perez then tells her to download a “Wire App” and to contact someone named Richard Shelton, who she then went back and forth with about the job for quite some time.

“All the questions and answers they wanted me to giveIt was a half an hour interview,” said Sepulveda.

By the end of it she was told she got the job and to contact someone named Michael Bryan for next steps and say says he told her this:

“They make it seem so juicy you know, oh we’re going to send you state of the art equipment, you’re going to have a benefits package, make $18 a package,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda says it sounded great to her until he requested the following:

“But you have to send us $100 iTunes card, gift card, so we can activate your tracking so we can track your hours,” said Sepulveda.

Of course, that raised red flags, and so she researched Parexel Biopharmaceutical, which she discovered is a real company and never follows this protocol.

“I called the company, it’s a legit company, but they’re not affiliated with these people,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda still we haven’t been able to get them on a call yet and she says it’s not about getting back at these guys though.

Sepulveda says it’s about making sure no one else loses time like she did or worse lose their money.

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