Fresno Unified and Fresno PD...a safety partnership for 20 years

    <p>School resource officers have been a fixture on Fresno Unified high school campuses for nearly 20 years.{/p}

    School resource officers have been a fixture on Fresno Unified high school campuses for nearly 20 years.

    Middle school campuses added them three to four years ago. Those officers are all members of Fresno P.D.

    Fresno Unified and Fresno Police have been partners in safety for two decades.

    The district believes Fresno P.D. does it best and its cost effective.

    Last November shots were fired outside Yokomi Elementary near downtown Fresno.

    The school was locked down and within minutes Fresno Police were on scene. They made an arrest two blocks away.

    Police officers aren't assigned to elementary schools but they've been a familiar sight on Fresno High and other Fresno Unified high school campuses for twenty years.

    The district says it's more cost effective. Miguel Arias spokesperson for Fresno Unified says creating its' own police department was never an option.

    "Our campuses already have cameras that are directly connected to a security camera system that's monitored by

    the police department. They're also equipped with shot spotter technology. They're also equipped with LED lighting."

    The deadliest incident on a Fresno campus took place on April 16, 2008 on the Roosevelt campus. The officer assigned to the school was struck in the head

    with a baseball bat. He fired his gun and hit a 17 year old sophomore. The student died at the scene.

    The newest concern on Fresno Unified campuses, social media threats. The district has dealt with a dozen in the past month.

    "If we had our own department it would have another level of bureaucracy. To be able to work with a police department already connected with FBI and the judicial system

    to obtain a warrant immediately."

    Arias says when it comes to dealing with social media threats or school safety, a quick response makes a difference.

    Fresno Unified also has 100 campus safety assistants assigned to high schools and middle schools.


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