Fresno Police Officer surprises boy at birthday party

Fresno Police Officer Gene Johnson stopped by Jacob Pugoy's birthday party Saturday. Jacob's mom says the five-year-old wants to be an officer when he grows up. (Courtesy: Julie Pugoy)

A Fresno boy is now on cloud nine after a special visitor stopped by his birthday party Saturday: a Fresno Police officer.

“He’s been obsessed with police officers for a little while now,” says Julie Pugoy.

Her five-year-old son, Jacob, loves playing with everything police: cars, building blocks.

He even likes dressing up in an officer’s uniform.

“He sees police officers protect the weak, help us out, and get the bad guys. That really inspired him to want to be that,” Pugoy says.

A friend suggested she call her area substation, to see if it was even possible.

She hoped an officer would, time-permitting, drive by and wave at Jacob.

Instead, she says Officer Gene Johnson went above and beyond to make her son’s day.

“His eyes got big, he got the biggest smile, the ran up to the officer and gave him the biggest hug. Just right off the bat when he walked in. It was the sweetest thing,” Pugoy says.

Officer Johnson let him get in the car, turn on the lights and sirens.

He gave him a teddy bear, sticker badges, and bracelets.

“It gave me goosebumps and made me teary-eyed,” Pugoy says. “It meant the world to me as a parent to have them come and fulfill his dream.”

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