Fresno Police investigating officer-involved shooting at Village Apartments

    Fresno Police investigating officer-involved shooting at Village Apartments

    A man is now dead after Fresno Police say he threatened his family and then a SWAT Team with an ax Saturday morning.

    FOX26 is waiting on a coroner to confirm the man’s name.

    Fresno Police explained the man arrived at his mother’s door at the Village Apartments around 1AM Saturday morning, and police showed up around 5AM.

    Fresno Police say a mother called asking for help with her son, who had showed up at her apartment intoxicated, barricaded himself in the bathroom, and then eventually come out swinging a battle axe at the family.

    The man’s sister and her three young children were also in the apartment at the time.

    His mother called police, and crisis negotiators tried for over six hours to get him out of the apartment.

    “Most of the feedback from the 29 year old was profanity, and no indication that he was going to come out peacefully,” said Deputy Chief Pat Farmer with the Fresno Police Department.

    The commotion at the complex brought several people outside, who started filming.

    “I woke up to, Oliver! Oliver! Come out Oliver!” said Faith Nelson, who lives at Village Apartments and heard the standoff and shooting.

    Finally, a swat team went into the complex. Fresno PD says they tried first to use non-lethal weapons, but eventually shot bullets.

    “Flash bang and shooting, boom, boom, boom. But gunshots, we hear that everyday around here. They said they were going to use rubber bullets. That didn’t sound like rubber bullets to us,” said a man who goes by Payy Y.B. who witnessed the shooting.

    Investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly happened that led them to shoot.

    “I went in the house. Came out, and he was dead,” said Nelson.

    People living at the complex say the man’s mother was still standing outside when her son was brought out on a stretcher.

    “She was breaking down. She was crying. It was really emotional. I felt really bad for her, because dang, she just called the police, and now her loved one is gone,” said Nelson.

    The 29-year old does have a criminal history.

    He’s been arrested for kidnapping a child under 14, and police say he once used a crow bar to attack a school teacher.

    The District Attorney’s Office and an independent police auditor are assisting with the investigation into the shooting.

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