Fresno police find no evidence to support child abduction

Fresno Police find no evidence to support child abduction

After an hours-long investigation, Fresno Police scaled back the search concerning a possible child abduction. Tuesday night, Cheif Dyer said there was no new evidence to support a child abduction in North Fresno.

Police say two teen girls claimed to have seen the kidnapping. Witnesses told police they were in a van with their foster mother passing by the Shepherd Avenue trail. They said they saw a young girl between eight or 10-years-old riding a pink scooter. They said she was wearing a purple sweater, pink shirt, and royal blue pants. They told police they saw either a black or Hispanic man snatch a young girl off her scooter from behind. They say he ran off with the girl, leaving the scooter behind.

Police responded with 50 officers, FBI abduction crews, K-9 Units, contacted the Clovis Unified School District and used air resources to search for the described child. There were no reports from parents to police of a missing child.

Cheif Dyer said after several interviews with witnesses they found inconsistencies with the information reported. Police canvased the area and neighborhoods. A K-9 unit was used to help locate the child who witnesses claimed to see. Police say the dogs picked up a scent from the scooter. That lead law enforcement to a house. Police later determined there was no child there that fit the witnesses description.

Investigators also reviewed surveillance video from nearby businesses. The video showed a woman pushing the scooter with bottles and leaving it. Police say a woman contacted them and identified the scooter. She said she threw the scooter away Sunday. After gathering more information, Cheif Dyer updated the public and determined there was no child abduction.

We asked Fresno Police if there would be any consequences for the witnesses who called in the abduction but we're told at this point, no one is in any trouble

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