Fresno mom says her custom clothing design has been ripped-off

Osry says the romper on the left was ripped-off of her custom design, on the right. (Courtesy Osry Tsudama)

Osry Tsudama says she's been selling clothes on "Tsudama Twins" for three years.

"It actually started on accident. I was just creating an Instagram page to document milestones that my twins had, and I would post pictures of their outfits," says Tsudama.

People loved the clothes so much, they wanted their daughters to wear the same things. So she started an online Esty shop. She says it didn't take long for business to boom.

"Its good, but then its also bad because with the attention, it kind of got some attention from the factories that liked my designs and wanted to duplicate them, unfortunately," says Tsudama.

Today she noticed her custom "Tsudama Llama" romper had been copied.

"I knew it was a direct rip-off because I made the pattern. I literally designed the pattern, cut the pieces out, checked the elastic. The pattern does not exist. You cannot buy it. So what they did was they copied how I made it. Maybe either they bought one, or studied it well enough," she says.

And she says she's not alone. Tsudama says dozens of other mothers who design clothes, and have online shops have noticed their designs being stolen as well.

"If were designing and we want to grow our business, and have employees and expand how can we continue to grow if our items are being duplicated for three dollars, for five dollars? It makes it stop, we can't get past that hurdle if its going to continue," says Tsudama.

She says right now their community is just trying to raise awareness, because there's not much else they can do.

"I think what bothers me the most is that its mass manufactured, and its identical, and there's no going around the fact that they stole it, and there's no repercussion," says Tsudama.

She says if she were to patent her patterns manufacturers would only have to change the original design by 20%. So Tsudama says she will continue to design her custom clothing, knowing the quality her customers will be getting when they buy from her.

But now, in the back of her mind will be that fear that the next order could lead to the next rip-off.

"Its scary because you don’t know if someone is going to copy every item in your shop for pennies on the dollar," she says.

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