Accused child predator tries to leave country, gets stopped in Canada

Canadian airport security stops Hugo Rabson from fleeing to France

Canadian border security gets the credit for keeping a man facing charges in Fresno from fleeing to the UK.

Hugo Rabson is back in Fresno after being refused entry in the country by airport security in Calgary.

Nearly four weeks ago, Rabson was arrested on a felony warrant.

He faces a charge of arranging a meeting with a 14-year-old girl.

Authorities believe Rabson was fleeing to the UK to escape prosecution. We tried to talk to him Monday afternoon.

"Hey guys. Uh no! (Door slams) Are you Hugo?" Rabson answered the door be he wasn't talking to FOX26 News.

We wanted to question him about his Thursday flight that stopped in Calgary, Canada.

Security at the airport searched his name on the internet and discovered a number of articles about his April arrest in Fresno.

Security agents say Rabson was headed overseas to be with family. He also told them there's no extradition to the U.S. Canadian officials denied him entry.

They also called his bail bondsman to confirm his upcoming court case. Canadian security put him on a flight to Las Vegas Thursday and now he's back in Fresno.

Rabson was arrested last month by U.S. Marshals. He's accused of arranging a meeting with a 14 year old girl at a Clovis Park.

Instead her father set up a sting and confronted him. Rabson kept him from leaving until authorities arrived and confiscated his phone.

It took nine months for Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies to file a charge against Rabson.

Rabson is free on $30,000 bail. We learned Monday that the Fresno bail bonds company took his passport away so he won't try to flee again.

He is scheduled to be back in Fresno Superior Court on June 12th.

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