Fresno Man shot in the face

One man shot in the face during lunchtime in NorthWest Fresno. (KMPH)

Fresno Police say a man in his 20's was walking along the 2800 block of Sussex Way Saturday afternoon, when a car pulled up. Witnesses told police some words were exchanged, and the young man was shot in the face.

People who live nearby say the neighborhood used to be quiet and nice, but lately, that hasn't been the case.

“There’s been helicopters, and arresting people in the middle of the night, SWAT team going in and searching the home and stuff. And that’s been the last two years, it’s been constant. I’ll tell you, it’s been terrible," said Mark Garber, a neighbor.

Garber and others in the area say they fear they could be the next victims.

Saturday's shooting happened in broad daylight, around 2pm.

“We could have been outside doing anything in our yard. We don’t even go outside at night because of the activity. My wife is afraid to go outside and confront anybody, because the cops have been out seven or eight times in the past year," said Garber.

Neighbors believe the activity at the house is gang-related. Fresno Police suspect eh same thing, and are working to find out for sure whether the victim and shooter knew each other.

Lieutenant Michael Landon says Fresno Police do have measures in place to try to prevent gang violence.

“We’re typically staying abreast of who the most current gang members are, the active feuds that are taking place, and of course actively contacting those members to make sure they’re in compliance with the law," said Lieutenant Landon.

August 20th, the Neighborhood Watch sent a letter to the owners of the home where this shooting occurred. The letter threatens that members of the community will seek legal action if the homeowners don't do something to reduce violence brought in by their tenants.

“We’ve notified the people that own the house in Visalia and let them know about the activity, and they still haven’t done anything You just start worrying about what’s going on," said Garber.

Police were given several different descriptions of the vehicle the shooter was driving, which makes their investigation more difficult.

Lieutenant Landon also fears the victim's injuries could prevent him from providing police with information that could help them catch the shooter.

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