Fresno man records crooks breaking into his SUV

A Fresno man catches crooks breaking into his SUV, and records the encounter.

Ceejay Leonzo said it happened two days ago in downtown Fresno.

"It was kind of a shock for me because it was the first time I ever seen anybody caught in the act doing this," Leonzo said.

In the video, you can see Leonzo walking up to his SUV, with one of the crooks inside. You can also hear him ask, "Can you guys tell me why you guys are in my car?"

Leonzo said there were two men and said he saw one of them had a knife in his pocket.

He said they took his stuff and left a shattered mess behind.

"I was really really upset, but you know, with me, I did not have anything, plus I have kids and there’s no reason for me to go like take it into my own hands," Leonzo said.

Leonzo said they stole a duffle bag full of clothes, his son's game boy, and Leonzo's sleep apnea machine.

"With my sleep apnea machine, that’s something that I have to end up waiting on and then like losing sleep on top of that, and then going to work on top of it, it’s just it’s stressful," he said.

Leonzo said the thieves took about $2,400 worth of stuff, his machine being the most expensive. He said insurance is covering his window replacement.

One of the crooks did have a tattoo on his arm. If you recognize it, call Fresno police at 559-621-7000.

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