Fresno man conquers NYC Marathon, takes on cancer a second time

Pat Miller of Fresno conquered the NYC Marathon, while taking on cancer a second time (Photo courtesy: Miller family)

It's one thing to beat cancer.

Another, to beat it twice.

Patrick Miller is now determined to do it again – and went far to make that point.

He finished Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

“I’m running against the odds a little bit, and against the recommendation of a lot of my oncologists,” Miller says. “It made it a sweeter experience for me and I appreciated the whole thing a lot more.”

Miller trained for run with the goal of raising money for the Pat Tillman Foundation-- in honor of his family members who served in the military.

But one month ago, the father of four-year-old twins Cassian and Savanna got the news that his Seminoma Testicular Cancer had returned.

He had beat the same cancer three years ago.

“It's in two Lymph Nodes and I’ve got 15-20 spots on my lungs,” Miller says. “I'm probably 8 and a half percent body fat, thought I was doing better than ever. So, it was the last thing I expected would happen.”

Miller says the biggest physical demand was on his feet.

Otherwise, he felt fine.

“I don't feel the cancer. I don't feel like it inhibits me in any way. I feel completely healthy,” he says.

He says the festive atmosphere pushed him through the run.

Family members – including his wife Jennifer-- cheering him on helped, too.

“Every other person in this had something important they were running for. There were a lot of cancer advocates who were running. A number of foundations. It was a humbling experience,” Miller says.

Miller now hopes to conquer cancer again.

His doctors have recommended four to six months of chemotherapy.

Instead, he's opted for natural treatment.

“I know that I'm not invincible, but I am definitely motivated to take on more challenges,” he says.

This treatment includes juicing, tonic, IV’s of vitamin, frequency therapy, ozone therapy, and barometric chambers.

He’s receiving some of these alternative treaments out of the country – and they’re not cheap.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help Miller cover the costs of treatment.

If you’d like to help, click here.

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