Fresno Humane asking for donations to help badly wounded dog

Photos of Celia (Courtesy: Fresno Humane) 

A project dog at Fresno Humane needs your help.

Brenda Mitchell with Fresno Humane says Celia the project dog had a rope embedded around her neck when she was dropped off at the vet by a Good Samaritan.

Mitchell says once the rope is out of the wound, it will heal with proper care.

Celia is on pain medication, antibiotics and cream.

Mitchell says this is one of the most extreme cases they have seen.

Mitchell says Celia's wound will be long term care and she needs to be fostered or needs a rescue organization to rehabilitate her.

Mitchell says whoever Celia's owner was had to have known there was a problem, you could see the wound and the wound smelled horrible because of the infection.

If you see an animal in this type of situation, Mitchell says please don't turn away, call Fresno Humane or SPCA or Law Enforcement to help them.

If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE and click the "donate" button.

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