Fresno Football Club's nickname: The Foxes or Los Zorros

Fresno Football Club team name: The Foxes or Los Zorros (Logo courtesy FFC)

The Fresno Football Club announced on Tuesday it has a new mascot and nickname: The Foxes aka Los Zorros.

The club chose the fox, an animal indigenous to the San Joaquin Valley.

The Fresno Football Club says The Fox, or El Zorro in Spanish, is is crafty, smart, and doesn’t back down, creating its own path to thrive — all values embedded in the culture of the Central Valley.

“We really wanted to create something that captured the spirit and attitude of the region,” said FFC general manager Frank Yallop. “I believe, the fox is a true representation of that, with its uncanny ability to persevere in the ever-changing environment that is the San Joaquin Valley. We were inspired by its tenacity and are excited to have a symbol that reflects that in our club.”

Foxes, or Zorros, will be used as a secondary reference to the club in body text, or as primary reference in headlines and graphics.

The season for the Fresno Football Club kicks off in March.

Learn more about the club by clicking here.

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