Fresno family seeks felony DUI charges after rear-end collision

Lower left inner rear wheel detached estimated auto damages $12,000. Courtesy Natasha Arnold.

A Fresno family says the DUI driver who hit them could get away with a misdemeanor. The mother of three, Natasha Arnold says she is now fighting to make sure that doesn't happen. She says not only was he drunk but she says he didn’t have a license or insurance.

Arnold says she was traveling with her husband and two kids on the 99 near the Belmont exit. After getting off the exit she says she was hit from behind. She says somehow, she managed to get control of the car.

When police arrived, she filed a report and began taking pictures. The family says they were the under the impression by CHP the guy who caused all the damage was going to be charged with a felony D.U.I., but that's ultimately up to the Fresno County District Attorney's Office.

The Arnold family says the damages from the accident are more than $12,000 and that’s not including medical expenses.

“I have to pursue it on my end so he can get a felony charge than just a misdemeanor,” said Arnold.

We're learning this investigation could take anywhere from weeks to a couple months before this case reaches the DA's office.

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