Fresno County Sheriff's Office receives new helicopter

(FOX26 News photo)

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office unveiled a new helicopter on Monday.

The new MD 530F helicopter cost $3.8 million and was paid for in part by federal asset forfeiture money, "So you could say that drug traffickers purchased the majority of this helicopter... and I'm okay with that," said Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Sheriff Mims says the 530F is an enhanced model of the two MD 530E helicopters the department purchased used in 1997.

The new helicopter has an increased load capacity, a top speed of 140 MPH, and can operate at 16,000 feet.

Sheriff Mims says the future plans are to sell one or both of the 530E helicopters and replace with another 530F.

The new helicopter will be referred to as EAGLE One.

Watch the news conference below or by clicking here.

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