Fresno County Dispatcher of the Year

Dispatcher of the Year Bridget Gonzales hard at work inside the Fresno County Sheriff's Dispatch Center

Since 2011 Bridget Gonzales has been answering 9-1-1 calls for the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

Her calling to become a dispatcher started long before that.

Bridget says she knew this was her calling when she was in High School, and this year, she was named "Fresno County Dispatcher of the Year."

According to Sheiff Mims, the Sheriff's Office is looking to fill 9 dispatcher vacancies. She is looking for more people like Bridget.

"It's a calling. Like anything in law enforcement it's a calling. And the people that do that job have that calling," says Mims.

Bridget couldn't agree more. She says though it can be high stress at times, what they do makes a difference.

"For the hundreds and thousands of people that call in we are the ones that give them that first service," says Bridget.

The dispatcher are that glue between the community, and the law enforcement.

If you're interested in possibly becoming a dispatcher, go to the Fresno County Sheriff's website.

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