Free bus passes for Fresno City College students

Free bus passes for Fresno City College students

Students at Fresno City College now have a new way to get to and from campus for free.

The college is now offering free bus passes for the upcoming school year.

Fresno City College, along with Fresno Mayor Lee Brand and City Councilwoman Esmeralda Soria will officially make the announcement Tuesday morning.

Fresno City College President Dr. Carole Goldsmith says the program will provide an incentive for people who were hesitant to enroll or who missed class because they didn't have access to reliable transportation.

In order to receive the free bus pass, students must be enrolled in classes at Fresno City College.

They also have to purchase an associated student body card for $5.

When students buy the campus ID, they will be presented with an option for a free bus pass.

If they accept, a sticker will be placed on that ID card that will allow them to use the Fax Bus for transportation to and from the college.

The free bus passes are being funded by the State center community college district via parking fee fines.

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