FOX26 helps catch 'Porch Pirates'

Video shows one of two suspects taking packages from Fresno home (Video credit victim)

Two 'Porch Pirates' are in custody, thanks to FOX26 viewers who saw a video we aired on the FOX26 News.

The Fresno Police Department says the two are suspected of stealing $4,000 worth of packages left on the doorstep of a home near Belmont and Clovis in Sunnyside.

The security video shows the car pull into the driveway and a man gets out and walks right up to the door and takes the packages in broad daylight.

FOX26 News showed the video and that video led police to 27-year-old Charles McGowan and 27-year-old Guadalupe Delgado.

The two were arrested and now face felonies, and police say they confessed to the crime.

The homeowner says they recovered around half of the stolen property.

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