Former Mexican President talks border wall, DACA in Fresno speech

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox spoke in Fresno as part of the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Series.

It's been 17 years since former Mexican president Vicente Fox first visited Fresno.

In that time much is changed.

The most significant change, according to Fox, is the leadership of the United States.

"I don't have anything against Trump except that he's crazy and he's empty-handed," the former Mexican president said.

"I make the call to United States to wake up. This is not a real leader. He is a false prophet. He is a person who does not know what they're doing. He doesn't know about the economy. He doesn't know how to govern the country. We are in dangerous times with this man," Fox said.

Fox's criticism of President Trump dates back to his presidential bid announcement.

In it, Trump criticized some Mexicans, calling them criminals and rapists.

"You can't offend the dignity of so many people in so many Tweets he's put out there. And he feels the world is attacking him. He thinks the mass media is lying and are worthless," Fox said. "He takes the initiative, lobs the rock and then hides his hand."

The former Coca-Cola executive also focused on President Trump's plan to build a border wall, at times, injecting his commentary with profanity.

"That f***ing wall is not going to built," Fox said. "Walls don't work. Why is the guy going to spend 85 billion U.S. dollars from taxpayers? I call taxpayers' attention: don't waste your money. Don't invest that money in a wall. It will not work. Invest it in education. Invest it in technology."

Fox also offered his support for the so-called Dreamers -- young people who were brought to the United States as children illegally.

Many are facing deportation starting in March, unless Congress takes action.

"Your capacities, your experience are more than welcome in Mexico. So don't worry about your future," he said.

Despite the insults directed at President Trump, Fox invited him to Mexico.

But first, he says President Trump needs to apologize to him and Mexico.

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