Forgotten tax form forces suspension of animal shelter

    Volunteers are banned from the "Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter" because of a suspension.

    Volunteers are locked out of the "Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter" because of a forgotten tax form.

    And now hearing the dogs barking and not knowing what those barks are about is tearing the primary volunteer, Bertha Del Bosque apart.

    "They probably don't even understand how come the person that sees them every day for 4-6 years just walked away," said Del Bosque.

    But Del Bosque didn't walk away, the Orange Cove City Council had to force her and all the other volunteers out because the non-profit didn't file taxes in 2014.

    Del Bosque says it was an honest mistake.

    "It was a human error, my error, but they could have had the compassion to wait," said Del Bosque.

    The city says it had no choice.

    "That plays no part in the decisions, the City Council's decision to terminate their contract because it was just strictly by law," said Rudy Hernandez, the interim city manager.

    That's because the missing tax document led the state Franchise Tax Board to suspend their status as a non-profit.

    So now, the Public Works Department is taking over care for animals.

    Del Bosque says that’s not fitting.

    "My dogs wouldn't be barking right now. I can't guarantee you what's going on, I don't know if my meds have been given," said Hernandez.

    Two dogs at the shelter are sick, so FOX26 asked how many folks are looking after them and dozens of others.

    “right now we'll have one person primarily assigned to overseeing the animals ok but as the need arises...let’s say one person is not enough, we're committed to get the job done," said Hernandez.

    It's a job Del Bosque wishes she could do herself, although she understands the tax mistake made.

    "I take full responsibility for the error but why do they have to pay," said Del Bosque.

    Now Bertha Del Bosque is trying to right that wrong.

    She has filed for that tax form but it'll take about 90 days for that document to get here and now all she's hoping for is herself, the rest of the volunteers can work something out during that time frame so they're not kept away from the animals.

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