Five year old is Fresno County Superintendent's youngest super star

    Courtesy: Fresno Co. Office of Education

    A 5-year-old Kingsburg boy knows no boundaries despite being in a wheelchair.

    Crue Allred loves a challenge and he's Superintendent Jim Yovino's November super star. Crue is the superintendent's youngest super star since he started the award more than four years ago.

    Crue is a kindergartner at Washington Elementary School in Kingsburg. At age five he's on a mission to celebrate life. Superintendent Yovino is in awe.

    "Because of what you're doing, you're making other young boys, young girls realize that it doesn't matter if they face a disability in their life they can be anything they want," said Yovino.

    Allred is involved in Valley Children's adaptive sports program. Climbing a wall, surfing or playing basketball, he fears nothing.

    "We wanted him to get involved just to know there are no limits for him," said Crue's mom Aubrey Allred.

    For the past two years, Crue has competed in the Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon in San Diego. His supportive parents couldn't be prouder.

    "It's amazing. I feel like we all think he's a super star. We feel very humbled and blessed."

    For his third birthday, Crue held a fundraiser to benefit Valley Children's Hospital. Hard to believe that at age three he was ready to give back to the community.

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