Fireplaces and wood heating stoves need to be serviced

Chimneys need to be swept to prevent a fire

We are still a few days from lighting up the gas heater or firing up the fireplace or pellet stove.

Heating experts say that will give you time to take care of preventative maintenance that needs to be done.

Kevin O'Neal at the Energy House in north Fresno says they're seeing a lot more customers this fall.

"It's the cool nights and the cool mornings that bring everybody in." But the units in your home needs to be serviced.

The dust at the bottom of gas heaters should be vacuumed and the air shutter needs to be cleaned.

"You don't want that white residue that's on glass of the unit because every year you leave that on it will etch its way into the glass.

You want that removed." Fireplaces and stoves that burn wood or pellets need the flue cleaned every year. "You should have the cap

inspected. The chimney cap sometimes builds up residue. Have that wire brushed and cleaned. Then you want the entire

chimney or stainless steel line brushed out completely. That can help prevent a chimney fire.

According to the average price for a basic chimney sweep ranges between $125-250.

Beginning Thursday November 1st through the end of February the Valley Air Pollution Control District reminds homeowners to

check before you burn. "You need to check and they will have a no burning, registered burning and burning discouraged.

And you should check the website for all wood pellet solid fuel projects." Gas stoves are exempt from burn days.

During winter one of the largest sources of particulate pollution comes from residential wood burning. The check before you burn program

gives homeowners the opportunity to reduce air pollution. Daily information is available by visiting

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