Filmmaker's stolen laptop holds history

stolen Hmong history

A Fresno filmmaker’s laptop is now gone and he says with it, a documentary he's been working on to air next month about Hmong history. Charlie Vang says someone broken into his home in Central Fresno early Friday morning. Vang says he told Fresno Police he thinks somebody climbed through a side window and broke into his house.

“It seemed like they used something to step in and go inside. At that time, I realized that I also saw the side door that was wide open as well," said Vang.

He says it wasn't long before he realized his laptop, memory database and his camera were gone. All items he says is key to help fill in some gaps of world history. Vang says his laptop had tons of material he's collected for an upcoming documentary, called the Hmong American Story.

"So many things are riding on this project that I am doing. Everything that I have is on my laptop," said Vang.

A huge blow to Vang, whose documentary is scheduled to run on PBS in September. Now, Vang's pleading for the thief or thieves to drop off what they took.

"I may not be an important person, but the things that I do for my community are important. If you can find it deep inside of you to come back and give those things back to me I would be very, very appreciative and forgiving," said Vang.

Outside of his house he put out a box on his front porch in hopes that someone will bring his laptop back.

If you have any information about who might have stolen the laptop you should call Fresno Police at 621-7000

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