Fight breaks out during Hmong New Year concert

A massive brawl was caught on camera during a Hmong New Year concert at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds Wednesday night. (Courtesy: Dena L.)

Fresno Police are now beefing up security measures after a massive brawl was caught on camera at the Fresno Fairgrounds Wednesday night.

The concert, promoted as a showcase for rising stars, followed the Hmong Cultural New Year celebration.

In the video, several people can be seen throwing punches and even picking up chairs and throwing them at other people.

Fresno Police say there had been as many as 400 people at the concert.

The out-of-town promoter had hired the required number of security officers.

"If you see the video, you see they got overwhelmed pretty quickly," says Captain Mike Reid with Fresno Police. "This thing turned into a party, it turned into alcohol not controlled and once people get intoxicated, bad things happen and that’s what you saw."

Two dozen police rushed to the fairgrounds around 10:20 p.m. after calls poured into 9-1-1.

At least two people were arrested, but police say more arrests could follow as police identify more of those who were fighting.

"If someone uses a chair in an offensive manner, that could be an assault with a deadly weapon, potentially. We want to make sure if we can identify those individuals involved in that and look at future prosecutions of those people," Reid says.

Fresno Police met with organizers from the Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration, concert promoters and Fresno Fairgrounds staff to outline new security measures.

Uniformed police will now be inside the fairgrounds until 12 a.m.

At least four officers will be inside venues at after-hours events.

There will also be an increased police presence outside of the fairgrounds.

"Up to that point, it was peaceful," Reid says. "If you went out there today, you’d think nothing happened the night before."

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