Ferguson fire responsible for unhealthy Valley air quality

Smoke forces many people to spend another day indoors

If you spent time outside Monday in the Valley your eyes saw it first and then you noticed it in your nose and lungs. The Ferguson fire delivered another blanket of smoke all over the Central Valley creating very unhealthy air quality.

Dr. Ralph Diaz with Baz allergy, asthma and sinus center says if it smells like a campfire you shouldn't be outdoors. "It increases their risk of respiratory problems like bronchial spasms. Also with this kind of increased smoke people who have coronary artery disease they could also have problems with increased risk of a heart attack."

Woodward Park was nearly deserted Monday. Fox 26 News spotted a couple of guys playing frisbee. The dog park was empty but three people were walking their dogs in the park.

In northeast Fresno a bicyclist was rolling up Chestnut Avenue and he was wearing a mask. "Anything to help avoid that kind of particulate matter being inhaled into your lungs would be helpful."

Not one kid was splashing it up at Todd Beamer park in northeast Fresno. Everywhere you looked there was smoke. It was thick and visibility resembled a foggy winter day in the Valley.

If you have to be outside Dr. Diaz has these words of advice. "When you come indoors take a shower and change your clothes cause that particulate matter can get in your hair and when you sleep at night all that soot can get on your pillow and you can breathe that in."

According to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District air quality is expected to be unhealthy again on Tuesday.

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